About Treat Them Green

Who is behind Treat Them Green?

This is currently a one woman operation, set up in 2020 by me, Alice McAnulty.

I am the official gift packer, greetings card writer, post runner and product tester, amongst other things. If you send us an email, you will always be talking to me! I make a great coffee, I have good handwriting (or so I am told) and I love researching eco-friendly gift products to add to our collection. 


Treat Them Green Founder & Director Alice McAnulty

I run Treat Them Green out of a small studio in the North Docks of Liverpool.

I love running a business from this amazing city, a place I have adopted as my home after marrying a Scouser. I have found Liverpool to be full of the soundest, friendliest and most generous people I have ever met! 

You might notice we stock lots of products made in Liverpool or nearby in the North West. I will always try to support local businesses and love finding new products made by our neighbours. You will often find me at local craft fairs scouting for new, awesome eco products....

Why was Treat Them Green launched?

Have you ever bought a 'sustainable' product only to discover that you have been green washed? Or ordered a gift from a UK website, then waited three weeks for it to be sneakily drop shipped from the other side of the world? Or spent a fortune on an 'eco' gift that arrived in rubbish plastic packaging?

If yes, you are not alone... I have done all of the above and have asked myself so many times, 'why is it so hard to gift sustainably?' Before every purchase I felt like I had to spend hours checking every part of a business' website just to triple check they were not greenwashing.

So I decided to do something about it. I am on a mission to make eco-friendly gifting enjoyable and stress free, by creating a transparent and hopefully fun to use gifting service.

Treat Them Green is a website full of gift items made by independent, eco-conscious makers, most of them based in the UK. You can shop with confidence, knowing that we have vetted every product and will tell you everything you need to know about it in our product descriptions.

Once you have picked your favourite items, you add them to the cart and we will do the rest - plastic free wrapping, handwritten gift notes, absolutely no drop shipping. Everything will be packed and posted from the Treat Them Green studio in Liverpool and we plant a tree for every order.

My ultimate goal is to build Treat Them Green based on honesty and transparency around the products, their origins, the packaging etc.

No greenwashing, no bullsh*t.  Only great products, made by independent businesses that are worth supporting.

It's a simple idea really - a gift box filled with quality products, packed beautifully in responsible packaging, with a personalised note. I recon that's as close as you can get to the perfect gift!
Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us! Any questions, please get in touch - hello@treatthemgreen.co.uk.