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Bamboo Cotton Buds

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A simple, sustainable swap that helps protect our oceans and beaches from plastic waste!

100 biodegradable bamboo cotton buds.

The perfect gift for:

Yourself! Sustainable starter kits, stocking fillers.

The facts:

  • Plastic free 
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Dispose of in organic waste or compost
  • 100% recycled packaging
  • Designed in the UK, made responsibly in China.
  • Carbon has been offset for delivery to UK



About the independent brand:

Eco Living UK are committed to working to protect the environment. They run a  carbon neutral business and use profits to plant trees with Eden Reforestation Projects for the purpose of reforestation, agroforestry and reducing extreme poverty through the employment of local villagers. They are members of 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet.

Planet friendly packaging:

These cotton buds are protected by a recycled cardboard box. Everything is biodegradable.

About the materials:

Why do we love bamboo?
It is the fastest growing plant on earth - bamboo can grow a meter a day!
It is naturally anti-bacterial, which means no chemical treatment is required for hygiene. 
It is strong and durable.
Bamboo absorbs 2x more carbon dioxide than trees. It also generates a vast amount of oxygen, totalling up to 30% more than most plants and trees.