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  • A gold bee revival kit on a gold keyring.
  • A rose gold bee revival kit, on a keyring.
  • A black bee revival kit, on a silver keyring.
  • A grey bee revival kit on a grey keyring.
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Bee Revival Kit Keyring

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Keep your bee revival kit on your keys and you will always be ready to come to the aid of an exhausted bee!

I am sure you have heard by now that bees are the most important animals on the planet. They pollinate the whole flipping world, the least we can do is give them some sugar syrup when they are tired.

I don't know about you, but over the last few years I have gone from being jumpy around bees to literally planning my whole garden around what kind of flowers they will like, buying bee hotels and basically offering them my home to move into.... Now with the bee revival kit I am ready to save them at a moments notice! 

The perfect gift for:

Stocking fillers, animal lovers, gardeners, adventurers, anyone who loves the planet!

The facts:

  • Inside the aluminium shell is a glass bottle with a cork top
  • 5+ uses of Ambrosia bee food syrup inside
  • Once used, the bottle is refillable
  • Comes with instructions and ratios to help you make your own syrup
  • The revival kit is on a key ring, so you can take it with you always
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Designed and assembled in Exeter.
  • Plastic free 

    About the independent brand:

    Beevive is a brilliant Exeter based company. They are all about saving the bees and educating people on the extreme importance of these amazing animals. Their founder, Faye, was inspired to create the Bee Revival Kit while on a walk with her family in Cornwall. They came across an exhausted bee and wanted to help but had nothing sugary to give it. They ran to the nearest cafe and managed to get a teaspoon of sugar water back to the bee. It was a happy ending - after a few minutes of drinking, the bee was ready to buzz away!

    The encounter stuck in Faye's mind, which was buzzing with ideas of how to help others who find themselves in similar situations, but with no cafes nearby to save the day! And not long after, Beevive was launched.

    Planet friendly packaging:

    Aluminium casing, glass bottle, cork lid, paper card.

    Instructions for use:

    This is not a toy and should be used only with adult supervision.
    To use, remove the cork from the bottle with a twisting motion.
    Tap the bottle to dispense a few drops of sugar syrup near the bee.
    When the bottle is empty you can refill it with sugar and water, using the markings at the side of the bottle to guide you to the right quantities of each.