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Fizzy Bottle Jar, Vegan

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For fizzy, sour sweet lovers! 

  • 250g Sweet Jar
  • Palm Oil free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Compostable and 100% recyclable.
  • Made in the UK




About the brand:

Ask Mummy & Daddy was set up by Kane Dowell to bring sweet treats to everyone, but not at the expense of the planet or future generations.

That’s why their bottles, jars and pouches are compostable and they stock lots of vegan friendly and palm oil free delicious treats. 

The jar is made from PLA, or polylactic acid, which is a material derived from renewable resources like cornstarch or sugar cane, NOT petroleum, and degrades much faster than traditional plastics. It is certified for industrial composting, so pop it in your food or garden waste bin if your local council accepts it. Not suitable for home composting. Best option - reuse it! It can also be recycled.

Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Wheat Starch, Water, Modified Maize Starch, Acids: E260, E270, E296; modified potato starch, fruit & vegetable concentrate: black carrot; colours: E133, E171 flavouring

Dietary information:
Made in a factory that uses milk, wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.

Nutritional information:

Per 100g

Energy: kJ 1459 / kcal 343
Fat: 0.3g
Fat of which Saturated: 0.2
Carbohydrates: 85.2g
Carbohydrates (of which sugars): 57.9g
Protein: 0.1g
Salt: 0.05g