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Pippin the Puffin, WWF Cub Club

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The WWF Cub Club collection is made from the finest and softest materials available. WWF plush is the most eco-friendly plush in the world. It complies to the highest quality standards in the industry and is independently tested and for every plush sold a donation is made to WWF to support their conservation efforts. 


  • 23 cm 
  • 100% recycled polyester filling
  • Independently tested and officially licensed product
  • CE certified
  • Suitable from one month old
  • Product tags made from FSC certified recycled materials
  • By Buying a WWF plush toy you are making a donation to WWF
  • Manufactured by a company who are strongly against child and forced labour.


About the brand:
Based in the Netherlands, Bon Ton Toys are have a clear mission : "Saving the planet. Clearly the responsibility of superheroes and caped crusaders. Surely not of the people. And definitely not of plush manufacturers. Yet here we are. Soft-toy producers on a mission. A mission to bring children happiness, protect their future and educate them about the world we’re out to preserve. Long before climate change was real, and sustainability was even a word, we were putting smiles on faces. With premium plush animals, made with the highest regard for nature. It’s the ways of our past that make us  fit to fight for our future. Eighty-five years down the road,  we still do what we can. And every day we strive to do more. Because you don’t need superpowers  to make a difference."
FSC certified recycled labels, no other packaging
Instructions for care:
Wash with mild soapy water, air dry and then brush lightly


100% recycled polyester filling, Super soft plush fabric.