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  • The Treat Them Green keepsake gift box, with eucalyptus on top and a blanket underneath.
  • A keepsake gift box, with a Christmas greetings card and a sprig of lavender on top.
  • A person is opening their Treat Them Green gift, with their hands either side of the keepsake gift box.
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Treat Them Green

Upgrade To A Keepsake Gift Box

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Upgrade to a recycled white Keepsake Gift Box

We love our bespoke mailer boxes, which all gift and items are automatically sent in free of charge.

However, if you would like to elevate your gift to the next level, you can opt to send it in a keepsake gift box. These magnetic keepsake boxes have a luxury look and feel, but are still make using sustainable and recycled materials. 

About The Keepsake Gift Box:

  • Made in the UK
  • Made from recycled cardboard
  • Fully recyclable
  • Snaps shut with an internal magnet
  • Luxury 1200 GSM board
  • Made from rigid card for extra durability and protection for the products
  • Available in two sizes (we will send the box that fits your items best!)

What size is the Keepsake Gift Box:

The Medium Gift Box is 200 x 160 x 80mm

It fits 4 small items perfectly.

The Large Gift Box is 280 x 220 x 110mm

It fits 5-10 gift items in. 

Which size will my order come in?

We will allocate the gift box that fits your order best. There is no additional charge if your gift needs the larger gift box - we do not want you to have to pay extra just because if the gift items you choose are larger.

If we find that your order does not fit in the larger gift box, we will email you to discuss options!


Please note that we can only process one address per order. If you are sending a gift, and also want to order some items for yourself - please do so in two separate orders. Anything you add to an order will be packed into one delivery.