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Zero waste Reusable Coffee Filter

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Plastic free coffee coming right up!

Billions of paper coffee filters are used and thrown away every year. I can't even picture what that looks like! Although they are paper, they can't be recycled because they have been contaminated with the coffee... so it's straight to landfill they go.

That is why we LOVE this coffee filter, no need for disposable paper filters anymore!

The perfect gift for:

Coffee lovers, New Home Gifts, New Job Gifts, Birthdays, Stocking Fillers, vegan-friendly gifts and more!

The Facts:

  • A stainless steel coffee filter
  • Completely plastic free
  • Will fit on mugs, cups, jugs, teapots, carafes
  • Made from food grade stainless steel that won't rust
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The fine mesh filters coffee grounds without need for a paper filter
  • The carbon has been offset to ship this product to the UK
  • Zero Waste Club plant a tree for every product sold




About The Independent Brand:

Zero Waste Club are on a mission to re-invent every day essentials, so that they are more sustainable, plastic free, cruelty free and made ethically and sustainably. They are all about transparency, so that you can know who has made your products, how much they are paid and how they are treated.

The filter was made at a factory located in Anping county in the Hebei Province in China. The monthly minimum wage in the Hebei Province is 1380 RMB. However, the the makers at the factory are paid RMB 19/hour, thus 3040 RMB per month.

Work is 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. Workers are given time off for holidays based on China’s labor laws.

To ensure the health and safety for their works, the factory gives annual health checks and provides good food, fruits and vegetables to the workers through their factory canteen. The workers also have a union, and their feedback is highly valued by the company.

Planet Friendly Materials:

100% stainless steel and a Kraft paper box, printed with vegan inks.

Instructions for use:

Place the filter and stand on top of your jug, carafe, mug,tea cup...whatever you want to use!

Place ground coffee directly into the filter.

Pour over hot water and let it drip through into the container below.

Two or three tablespoons of coffee makes 1-3 cups, depending on the strength you like it!

Once used, you can empty your coffee (why not use it to fertilise your garden, or make a coffee scrub out of the waste?) and wash your filter by hand or in the dishwasher.

Product care & end of life:

1) Please wash it immediately after using it. 

2) For a deeper clean, add baking soda to warm water and soap for one hour. Or soak in vinegar and lemonade for a few hours.

3) Do not scrape with hard objects, it will damage the filter.

This coffee filter should hopefully last many decades. When it does come to it’s end of life, simply put it in your metal recycling.